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Dev can you tell me the game engine you made this game on?

hi. I love this game! I have a question: what makes a “perfect” order? I want to increase my progress with “perfect” orders, but I don’t know what I need to do differently. 

The amount of time it takes you to get an order to a customer. Blue smiles are perfect orders!

thank you!

Hello. I was wondering if you had any plans to update the game for console (X-box, PlayStation). I mainly play on PlayStation, but it is fine if you don't because I have this and Steam.

Thank You:)


Will this ever be released on Mac or Nintendo Switch? I want to play but those are the only devices I have! 😭


You can go buy the game on steam instead I think you will be able to download the game from steam on a mac.

According to the Steam page, this is Windows-only there too.

Hey, i would love to buy this but the only currency available i see on this page is USD i don't know if when you go to the buying page you have the option thank you :)

You could buy it on Steam if you can’t have it in $ in Itchio.


Game will not open after download. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi, I was just wondering if you could give me a bit more info about this issue so that I can help you :) Did you unzip the game after download? When you launch LemonCake.exe, what happens? Does the game crash or not launch at all? You can also try to launch the game as an administrator to see if that fixes it. Thank you!

I downloaded, extracted and allowed permissions to run as administrator. It does not launch. 

Then says program cannot start bc X3DAudio1_7.dill is missing.

The only option is ok and then it closes out.

Oh ok that issue is probably because you need to install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, Lemon Cake needs DirectX 11 to run correctly ^^

Thanks for the idea and info! I verified that I am running Windows 8 and also have directX 11 installed


hey, I have a question. does this run on Mac? because I just bought it on my MacBook Air and its not working. 


No sorry it's just for Windows!

I’m on Mac too but dang you already bought it that really sucks 😣


Hey @éloïse! I noticed that if you purchased Alchemy Story–another of your games, here on, that you’ll also include a Steam key. Is this the same for Lemon Cake??

No Steam key included with Lemon Cake, only the itch download :)


Hey @éloïse have any intention to bring this games to mobile? I bought and loved them

I'm confused. Is this one on here the real game, because this page on here has the game too & it says "released" on it too.


Only just opened the application, customised my character and came to write a review. That's literally all I did. I just want to say, by the graphics and everything I know this game will be a hit. It looks cute and simple and PERFECT! Usually I would play the game before the review, but there's no need this time 'round.

Hello There,

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your game Lemon Cake. I thought it was adorable and cute and was a lot of fun. I featured this in my Live Stream of Games coming out in 2021. I really hope that the game does well because I really did enjoy it.

I made a video on this. Please do share it around if you enjoy it. 🍋🎂


hi! i really like the game and i think it's different from your typical simulation vibes. i only i'm annoyed with is you have to use your mouse to select the recipe and it doesn't have a save file (not sure if it's happen to other people who played the game) but overall knowing it's a demo, i'm excited what it has to offer. thank you and have a nice day!


Hey, really nice game. I just wanted to give a tiny bit of feedback: 

It would be nice if I could add ingridients to the bowl without selecting a recipe. A few times I found myself smahing the spacebar, trying to add an ingrdient, without realizing I hadn't chosen a recipe yet.


AMAZING game!! I could tell you put a lot of love in it and I really really enjoyed. :) :) I look forward to the updates in February!


OMG this looks so cute! I love this kind of games and been missing them for a while. I can´t think of buying it soon... no money, still I have some time to save a little.


Love this game! It reminds me of a harvest moon, with a little restaurant vibe. I just wish that it isnt required for me to click the specific recipe for which im making. After i know the recipe , It kinda throws me for a loop trying to click, move, and get the display table fixed as well as orders in a timely manner. I love this game, and will purchase if that feature is fixed! Thanks for a amazing game!

Super cute, fun game! Looking forward to playing the full game in the future! Hope you enjoy the video! 

What a fun game this is! I really enjoy the artstyle and music and I love the cute ghost!

I also love the gameplay. It is a lot of fun to be able to actually move the character yourself with the arrow keys. 

I do wish it wasn't necessary to click on a recipe with the mouse before being actually able to make it. I use both hands at the keyboard so switching to mouse takes too much time in a management game like this in my opinion :)

I also wish it was possible to easily see how much time you still have on the accepted orders before customers are getting angry and I found it sometimes difficult to see if I had accepted an order and what order belonged to whom.

It is a very charming game and I would like to see the final result :D Keep up the good work!

Game is super cute played it for hours, to bad its in demo and progress does not save.

Also will the game cost money when it comes out?

This game is so cute! I had a lot of fun in the demo. Good luck with development Eloise! :)

great game in general cant wait till the full version is ready (also here is a suggestion multiplayer? if you can add it)


would you ever port this or alchemy story to switch or ps4? unfortunately i do not have a pc

I really hope I have some money by the time this game's released, because I adore it so much! You did an amazing job with the demo :)

works on ubuntu using WINE, oh my god i love this game so much


Hi the game is really lovely. The art is really cute too. But do you think you could make an option to save our progress?

I have to download another program in order to run it. :(

I love this game so much! I like the management between the three rooms as well as the window display. I did have some trouble with the clicking which slowed me down. I also agree that selecting the recipe each time is a bit tedious. I already wishlisted your game on Steam - I can't wait!


It seems a fun game. If only my garbage PC could run it.

good game Bravo !!!


This is very sweet, and I enjoyed it a lot! Would it be possible to make it so you don't have to click to switch recipes every time you want to make something different? I know the ingredients needed and grab them, but it's hard to remember to switch what recipe I'm working with. Numbered keybinds could be a cool option!

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Make this compatible for Mac os, Pleeeease! This game should be on other platforms n_n


This game looks super cute and I'd love to try out the demo but when I try to open it I get an error that says "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine." Any idea how I could fix this?

I liked it, feels like a mash between overcooked and cafe world

Can you make this available for mac os? (n_n) I would like to check this game out sometime. 


I'm not sure where the cocoa tree is or where the greenhouse is! I couldn't find either to make the chocolate croissant ;-;

Hi, sorry about that issue! You should find the greenhouse (with the cocoa tree in it, once it's purchased) to the right of the kitchen. There are three rooms in the game (store, kitchen and greenhouse) just go through the doors on the sides of the rooms to swap between them ^^


Hi there! I know this is a demo, so it's still a work in progress. I just really love this games style, and wanted to give a bit of feedback to hopefully help it improve. :)

(I only got to around 1 day of chocolate covered strawberries in my play-through)

  • Changing your character's looks after the initial start of the game
    • (that could also lead to more options in the future to buy clothes)
  • PLEAAAASE add a save feature. I was so disappointed when i had to quit and saw i couldn't save. :(
  • click to move controls (would be a veery nice option it's usually the controls these types of games use)
  • everything is a taaad too slow (i understand it's supposed to be slow paced but even the animations seem abit off)

I also noticed when sprinting you get a little trail and go faster. However sprinting is temporary and doesn't always work. I'm guessing either it's a mistake or there's some kind of stamina mechanic. If so there should be some kind of stamina wheel or indicator for this.

These are just some of my ideas for the game! Tysm for your time. I can't wait to see if there'll be any new updates in the future.

Hey thank you so much for the feedback! I'll look into adding your suggestions to the full game and make the controls smoother. The demo doesn't have a save function but the full game def will too ^^

Cool Game! You should make it cost 5.00$ and I would still buy it 4 times over.

aw hahah thank you! it's just the demo so this version will always be free ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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