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good game Bravo !!!


This is very sweet, and I enjoyed it a lot! Would it be possible to make it so you don't have to click to switch recipes every time you want to make something different? I know the ingredients needed and grab them, but it's hard to remember to switch what recipe I'm working with. Numbered keybinds could be a cool option!

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Make this compatible for Mac os, Pleeeease! This game should be on other platforms n_n


This game looks super cute and I'd love to try out the demo but when I try to open it I get an error that says "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine." Any idea how I could fix this?

I liked it, feels like a mash between overcooked and cafe world

Can you make this available for mac os? (n_n) I would like to check this game out sometime. 


I'm not sure where the cocoa tree is or where the greenhouse is! I couldn't find either to make the chocolate croissant ;-;

Hi, sorry about that issue! You should find the greenhouse (with the cocoa tree in it, once it's purchased) to the right of the kitchen. There are three rooms in the game (store, kitchen and greenhouse) just go through the doors on the sides of the rooms to swap between them ^^


Hi there! I know this is a demo, so it's still a work in progress. I just really love this games style, and wanted to give a bit of feedback to hopefully help it improve. :)

(I only got to around 1 day of chocolate covered strawberries in my play-through)

  • Changing your character's looks after the initial start of the game
    • (that could also lead to more options in the future to buy clothes)
  • PLEAAAASE add a save feature. I was so disappointed when i had to quit and saw i couldn't save. :(
  • click to move controls (would be a veery nice option it's usually the controls these types of games use)
  • everything is a taaad too slow (i understand it's supposed to be slow paced but even the animations seem abit off)

I also noticed when sprinting you get a little trail and go faster. However sprinting is temporary and doesn't always work. I'm guessing either it's a mistake or there's some kind of stamina mechanic. If so there should be some kind of stamina wheel or indicator for this.

These are just some of my ideas for the game! Tysm for your time. I can't wait to see if there'll be any new updates in the future.

Hey thank you so much for the feedback! I'll look into adding your suggestions to the full game and make the controls smoother. The demo doesn't have a save function but the full game def will too ^^

Cool Game! You should make it cost 5.00$ and I would still buy it 4 times over.

aw hahah thank you! it's just the demo so this version will always be free ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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