Alchemy Story Alpha Access is available now!

Hi everyone!

I published Alchemy Story Demo about 4 months ago. Since then, I've added major new features to the game and I'm happy to release the Alpha Access. Here's a quick overview of what you'll now find in the game!

Cute Animals!

  • Keep cows, sheeps, chickens and bunnies.
  • Raise your baby animals into adulthood.
  • Dance with your animals and increase their affection to gain special ingredients.

Friendly Villagers!

  • Chat with four villagers and fulfill quests for them.
  • Gift them their favorite items and improve your relationship.
  • Browse their shop and expand your farm.

Insects and Bees!

  • Build beehives on your farm and gather honey.
  • Catch insects and attract them to your garden by planting a variety of flowers.

Mailbox and Quests!

  • Receive letters in the mail from other villagers.
  • Reverse the witche's curse by completing the main quest.
  • Learn new potion recipes by doing research.
  • Fulfill deliveries and gain gold.

Ingredients and Recipes!

  • Grow new types of flowers in your garden.
  • Gather more than 20 new ingredients,
  • Unlock new potion recipes and become a master alchemist.

More Features!

  • Map expansion and new areas to explore.
  • Dynamic day and night cycle.
  • New soundtrack and sound effects.

By purchasing the Alpha Access, you'll also receive a Steam key once it's available!

Thank you so much for your support!

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