Devlog - May 2019

Penelope Fineyarn

A new character joins the village! Penelope is a skilled miner that will help you explore the mine. She sells hammers, minecarts and different ores everyday.

The Mine

I spent most of my time this month working on this feature, and it’s now mostly finished. I plan to add secret areas and more quests in the mine later on in development.

Furnace & Minecarts

To progress in the mine, you’ll need to fuel your furnace. Different ingredients such as wood, coal and maple leaves can be used as fuel.

You can buy up to six different minecarts, one for each type of ore. Each one will allow you to carry more of that item in your inventory.

New Items

Now that the mine is open you’ll be able to gather stone, coal, silver, gold, sapphire and ruby! These items will be useful either as building materials, to fuel furnaces and ovens, to brew potions or to trade in exchange of coins.

The Hammer

This new tool can be upgraded up to four times in Penelope’s shop to spend less energy breaking rocks!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the autorun feature. The player now stops running when interacting with an object or a villager.
  • Fixed the quest interface. It doesn’t display a completed quest when loading the game anymore.
  • Fixed the axe upgrade. William now displays properly the axe upgrades in his shop.


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